Toni's exquisitely designed handmade veils are carried in the most
revered bridal shops from New York to L.a. to London.
and also right here at watters.
For a classic look, long veils make an elegant statement and add
a layer of magic to any wedding dress. Shorter veils have a
more contemporary feel, but make sure your veil doesn't
interrupt the flow of your silhouette.
Toni Federici has some personal tips on the pages that follow.
toni federici veils
Lust Veil Love Veil Passion Veil Veil Ophelia Veil Juliet Veil Montegue Veil Layah Veil Lalique Veil Evangelina Veil Gillian Veil Lyra Veil Arabella Veil Merida Veil Avalon Veil Aura Veil Galaxy Veil Starlight Veil Eve Veil Dew Veil Faerie Veil Nymph Veil Lilly Veil Luna Veil Dream Veil Spring Veil Butterfly Veil Posh Veil Rain Veil Ambrosia Veil Fae Veil Dulcie Veil Gilded