Watters + Bella Belle Shoes

Gorgeous gowns + sparkly shoes = a beautiful, bridal dream come true!

Our love for Bella Belle Shoes first began when they asked to borrow some our gowns for their new lookbook. It was kismet how well their dazzling, beaded shoes perfectly complemented the elegant laces and flowing skirts of our gowns. Since then, the friendship has grown and a beautful partnership was born.

With the conception of our Fall 2016 collection came the idea to provide brides with a treasured accessory for their wedding day, one that would fit perfect with any Watters dress they chose: a pair of Bella Belle Shoes with a Watters twist.

We were fortunate to work with such a talented and creative team at Bella Belle to design a collection of exclusive styles inspired by the timeless and romantic feel of some of our signature styles. The final products were used throughout our Fall 2016 photoshoots and in our runway shows!

Whether you prefer delicate beading or bold bling, Bella Belle's Watters-inspired shoes add the perfect touch of polish to finish off your bridal look. The Watters exclusive styles are now available through the Bella Belle shop . See more of the Gia, Filipa, Paloma and Tess shoes, as well as several other beautiful styles, below!