The Just-Engaged To-Do List

Your Guide to Newly-Engaged Bliss

Congratulations! That moment you’ve been dreaming about for months has finally happened; you’re engaged! While you soak it all in and enjoy the sparkle, we'll take you through everything that needs to happen now that you’re sporting your new accessory!

  1. Spread the news: In all the excitement, your first instinct might be to post a pic, but you need to fight this instinct. Call your parents first, and any other family, then make sure your closest friends hear the news from you first. Once all your nearest and dearest have been informed, then you can share on social media.
  2. Take care of your ring: He may have gotten you the perfect ring, but he might not have nailed the size. Take your ring to be sized properly so you are less likely to lose it. Also, be sure to get your ring insured, in case of the off chance that you do lose it. You can never be too careful!
  3. Get a mani: Trivial, but necessary. You’re guaranteed to be showing your hand to everyone, from your besties to the bag boy at the grocery store, so keep your nails looking as good as your ring!
  4. Have the money talk: Before you start any official planning, you and your fiancé should discuss your budget and who pays for what. It’s a necessary component to planning any wedding, and if it’s figured out early on, the rest will be so much less stressful.
  5. Start daydreaming: Begin thinking about the type of wedding you want and when you want to have it. Chances are high that one of the first questions you get asked is, “so when is the wedding?” While you don’t have to nail down a specific date right away, having an idea of fall or spring, or indoor or outdoor will give you a starting point for all of the other brainstorming.
  6. Find your inspiration: Start gathering as many ideas as you can. Pinterest is a great resource, as are wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes and Magnolia Rouge. And don’t forget about bridal magazines! Pull together anything and everything you love so you can start making your dream wedding a reality.
  7. Enjoy this time: Don’t get so caught up in planning your wedding that you forget to relish in the moment and enjoy this special time in your lives. Take some time, just the two of you, to soak it all in and enjoy it together.