Let’s Be Real


While the web is a great place to do research, it's also a hotbed of fraud, unfortunately. There are many counterfeit Watters products being offered on web sites and web auctions, as well as unauthorized physical outlets. A common claim is that the counterfeit dresses are made by genuine Watters factories, but this too is invalid. Legitimate businesses don’t undermine their partners.

We are terribly saddened when we hear about a bride who thought she’d found a bargain, only to receive a poor imitation of a Watters dress, or a dress that’s not as advertised, or not as ordered, or nothing at all.

ONLY WATTERS PRODUCTS PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM AUTHORIZED RETAILERS ARE CERTAIN TO BE AUTHENTIC; and certain to have the fit, quality, and attention to detail for which Watters is known. Watters can only honor or support orders placed through our authorized retailers.

Here's where you'll find an authorized, full-service Watters, Wtoo and Willowby bridal salon near you: