Vatana Watters and Sydney Watters Dunbar
We’ve also been lucky to be all that to style influencers, celebrities and inspirational women who’ve hit runways and red carpets, and appeared in TV shows and movies in our designs. Our super close team is as passionate about creating innovative themes and gorgeous dresses as we are about bringing those ideas to life. After our dresses are critiqued and tweaked to perfection, the photo shoots begin. The design team dives headlong into the production, creating fantasy worlds around each collection with handmade accessories, props – even doing the hair and makeup. A labor of love for sure.
Bring on the Watterworks!
Many moons ago, (37 years if you’re the numbers type), a light went off in the mind of Vatana Watters. She’d been designing one-off dresses for herself, as well as friends and family – who came up empty handed when looking for dresses that didn’t feel cookie-cutter. So Vatana took a vow (ha), to take matters into her own hands. Fast forward to now. The Watters family has become a creative tribe of designers, pattern makers and seamstresses. Our focus – know fashion, pick up on trends and understand how your wants and needs evolve. Drama, comfort, style, versatility and individuality. We want to be all that to brides and bridesmaids.
Shooting in romantic San Miguel de Allende
In 2017, Vatana Watters’ daughter, Sydney Watters Dunbar, joined as Style Director. Literally growing up with the company, Sydney has an innate sense of the brand. She’s got the pulse of millennial style, not to mention being kind of a nut for fashion. (Apple never falls far from the tree, right.) Working elbow-to-elbow with the design team, she helps shape the creative direction for each collection.
Today we’re the yes for women all over the world, from California to London to Sao Paulo. And while we’re global, each dress is still our baby – designed and sent with love from our home base in Dallas, Texas. We can’t wait to share what’s next with you. In the meantime, let’s see and hear more about your story. So tag, tag, tag away: #BEAWATTERSGIRL
Nature — always inspiring
Our Brands
For Watters, we believe in creating imaginative, raw-yet-refined designs for effortless style.
Wtoo by Watters makes its own gorgeous statement by celebrating inclusivity and sisterhood, while staying both luxe yet accessible to brides and bridesmaids worldwide.
Willowby takes the road less traveled, with a natural, airy, free-spiritedness.
By Watters. is a new collection that's designed to rock the boat just enough. It's of the moment. Super wearable. Ready for anything. And available for purchase online.
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