Vatana Watters and Sydney Watters Dunbar
We’ve also been lucky to be all that to style influencers, celebrities and inspirational women who’ve hit runways and red carpets, and appeared in TV shows and movies in our designs. Our tight-knit team is as passionate about creating innovative designs and attention to detail, as we are about bringing those ideas to life.
Bring on the Watterworks!
Many moons ago, (37 years if you’re the numbers type), a light went off in the mind of Vatana Watters. She’d been designing one-off dresses for herself, as well as friends and family – who came up empty-handed when looking for dresses that didn’t feel cookie-cutter. So Vatana took a vow (ha), to take matters into her own hands. Fast forward to now. The Watters family has become a creative team of designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses. Our focus – know fashion, pick up on trends and understand how brides’ wants and needs to evolve. Drama, comfort, style, versatility, and individuality. We want to be all that to brides and bridesmaids.
Literally growing up with the company our Style Director, Sydney Watters Dunbar, has an innate sense of the brand. She’s got the pulse of her generation’s style, not to mention being kind of a nut for fashion herself. (Apple never falls far from the tree, right.) Working elbow-to-elbow with the design team, she helps shape the creative direction for each collection and brand.
Today we’re the yes for women all over the world, from Dallas to San Miguel to Florence. And while we’re global, each dress is still our baby – designed and sent with love deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas.
Our Brands
We believe in creating refined, captivating designs with artful craftsmanship entwined into each collection.
Wtoo has a little something for everyone, everything from fashion-forward styles to classic bridal silhouettes. Making a gorgeous statement with designs that are guaranteed to turn heads on your big day.
Willowby takes the road less traveled, with a natural, yet bold, free-spiritedness.
Bite-sized dresses for when you don’t want a full gown. Say yes to the dress for any occasion, bachelorette, courthouse, destination, wherever. We have the dress for you.
What have you learned working alongside your mom, Vatana Watters? I think two of the most inspiring qualities she brings to the team each day is 1. To remain on the cutting edge of fashion, always stay up to date with trends (bridal or not). We have a really unique perspective being based in Dallas which many bridal brands aren’t, this gives us an interesting perspective to be able to blend the chic factor of NYC with the casual cool style of the west coast into our more traditional southern styled city. 2. Every dress can always be better, even when the prototypes come in and look perfect - keep thinking about how to make it even more wonderful, comfortable, and visually pleasing.
Best advice for a bride to be? To enjoy every moment of this season of your life, it’s not worth it to sweat the small stuff. This day is for you and the person you are about to start your life with, soak in every moment celebrating with your closest friends and family.
Must-have bridal accessory? A veil! There are so many different types these days - mini, birdcage, and extravagant. There’s always another occasion for jewelry, gloves, and fun heels, but there is not another opportunity to wear a veil.
Trend you are loving? Pearls! I love any type of beading - it’s never enough for me. The team *sometimes* tells me to reel it in. Pearls are the epitome of bridal beading, though; opulent and always glowing in the most beautiful way to perfectly adorn a bride. They work as an embellishment, a button, on a veil, and in jewelry from head to toe. There’s always a way to incorporate them.
Favorite part about what you do? Seeing real brides in our designs. It’s an honor to be such an important part of a bride’s most special day. I love seeing how people style all of our designs, especially in ways I didn't visualize it being styled. We are always taking inspiration from our Watters Girls.
Our Team