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Step into a world of timeless elegance and refined craftsmanship with Watters' curated collection, featuring our most-loved and best-selling bridal gown styles. Each gown in this carefully selected assortment embodies the essence of our brand values – a commitment to creating captivating designs that weave artful craftsmanship into every stitch. From intricate lace detailing to luxurious fabrics, our collection is a celebration of sophistication and individuality.
2024 Volume 2: WATTERS
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Beauty: @prephair
Floral Design: @canteiroweddings by @erickraidesign Wedding Planner/Designer: @emilycoyneevents
Photography: @jennyquicksall
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Venue: @belmondmaroma
Pearls and intricate beading add unbeatable dimension to this gown. A plunging deep v-neck meets a full soft netting skirt, giving you the best of all things bridal. It comes as no surprise that this gown has become a beloved favorite among brides.
luxurious glam
Discover modern elegance with Bunny, a flawlessly tailored gown designed for the discerning bride. Its minimalist sophistication makes it the perfect choice for your special day. Add a touch of drama with removable sleeves, offering versatility for a personalized and impactful look.
sophisticated grace
This Jewel Satin architectural ball gown effortlessly combines flirty femininity with timeless elegance. Lyssa will make you feel like the embodiment of radiant beauty, gracefully commanding attention with its playful yet refined details.
feminine & Flirty
The awe-inspiring Cordell gown makes a bold statement with its dramatic dropped waist, meticulously constructed bonded bodice, and voluminous layers of Jewel Satin. It's easy to see why this gown has captured the hearts of so many brides.
the ultimate ball gown
Regal and romantic, this long sleeve gown of Arbor Lace is as amorous as it gets. The mock neckline is balanced with a daring open back and finished with a velvet ribbon at the waist.
Regal romance
Frances is masterpiece adorned with layers of Thicket lace and our exclusive Vala lace, meticulously appliqued with hand-beading. This gown comes with a separate slip, offering you the choice to embrace its sheer elegance or opt for a lined look.
exquisite in lace
The Ondrea gown combines opulent sparkle with a soft, romantic touch. Custom embroidery and beading create a tactile poetry, telling the gown's story with every stitch. The removable lining offers customization for your bridal style. The corset's structure complements delicate hand beading, sculpting your figure with grace. A modern embrace of timeless elegance.
timeless elegance
The luxurious lace is the heart and soul of this gown. The motifs are exquisitely crafted, forming a delicate tapestry that celebrates the beauty of texture and pattern. The allure of enduring romance is the very reason this gown is in high demand.
elegance & charm
Reko is our contemporary twist on the classic ballgown. The soft net tie and Georgian-style corsetry seamlessly blend romance and structure, crafting an elegant bridal look. Delicate tucks add a touch of intrigue and a nod to contemporary design, establishing Reko as a cherished and effortlessly chic choice for brides.
touch of romance
As you walk down the aisle, the gown comes to life, shimmering and twinkling like a constellation of stars, making you the center of attention from every angle.
regal sophistication
Decadent lace is at the heart of this design, carefully selected for its intricate patterns and delicate textures. Each lace motif tells a story of timeless beauty.
vintage charm
A wedding dress that seamlessly marries modern sophistication with a captivating vintage-inspired twist, the Harlow gown is the epitome of whimsical luxury.
understated elegance
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