Moments in time are often captured by our senses. A smell of a certain sweet perfume has the power to take you
back to a summer’s eve where your love story had just started to bloom. Sultry and warm, the scent of a
gardenia is as intoxicating and enticing as a summer’s evening. This collection was inspired by a love story of
our very own, and these soft floral notes can be found throughout.
A signature romantic creation
The braided straps and waistband is a nod to
our love of craftsmanship and handworking. A
true labor of love this gown is created for brides
wanting that extra touch.
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Feminine and simple, yet bold and daring
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A delicate balance of simplicity & drama
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dramatic elegance you've
been dreaming of
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romantic, dreamy, change-on-a-whim embellishments
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Venue: @thompsonzihuatanejo Producers: @wedawaystravel Videography: @branchesbro Photography: @valoriedarling Design and Production: @wild_heart_events Wardrobe: @watters Florist: @pinacate0202 Beauty: @samarabeautysb
Many thanks to this talented team...