Watters S/S 2024 Collection
Throughout the collection you will find playful yet rich textures, luxurious fabrics and breathtaking new laces. The attention to detail is unmatched - asymmetrical hems, corset bodices, hand beading and hand placed lace.
understated elegance
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A wedding dress that seamlessly marries modern sophistication with a captivating vintage-inspired twist, the Harlow gown is the epitome of whimsical luxury.
touch of romance
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Crafted from soft netting, this gown embodies contemporary style while paying homage to the timeless charm of a ballgown silhouette.
Vintage charm
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shop wyetta
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Decadent lace is at the heart of this design, carefully selected for its intricate patterns and delicate textures. Each lace motif tells a story of timeless beauty.
In this collection, every element is a reflection of our dedication to craftsmanship, beauty, and the celebration of love.
timeless elegance
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Despite its opulent sparkle, there's a softness to the Ondrea gown that speaks volumes on its own.
regal sophistication
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As you walk down the aisle, the gown comes to life, shimmering and twinkling like a constellation of stars, making you the center of attention from every angle.
fearlessly fashionable
Tucks and pickups adorn the ballgown, adding dimension and texture to the dress. The layers are artfully arranged with effortless grace, evoking an air of romance and grandeur.
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Elegance and charm
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The luxurious lace is the heart and soul of this gown. The motifs are exquisitely crafted, forming a delicate tapestry that celebrates the beauty of texture and pattern.
classic with a modern twist
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shop ethan
As you step into this masterpiece, you embody a blend of daring and timeless elegance.
The hand-cut velvet flowers, floral appliqués, and decadent layers of tulle and lace netting come together to create a symphony of texture and dimension that captures the eye and the imagination.
embody a love story
In this wedding gown, you're stepping into your own Midsummer's dream. The vintage-inspired design, demure corsetry, and bold puff sleeves create a look that's rich in romance and reminiscent of an era where elegance was paramount.
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understated opulence
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This gown exudes a timeless beauty that is both regal and enchanting, perfectly suited for the bride who dreams of making a dramatic statement on her special day.
sophistication & grace
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Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this dress is a testament to the beauty of its beaded fabrics and intentional design.
clean & modern
The corseted bodice not only offers a flawless fit but also exudes an air of regal confidence, creating an intricate interplay between sensuality and sophistication.
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masterpiece of vesatility
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shop donovan corset
shop zaina skirt
The Donovan Corset is ingeniously crafted to be worn in multiple ways, allowing the bride to effortlessly switch between styles to match her mood and vision.
Meet the Zaina Skirt, a ballgown masterpiece crafted from soft netting with layers of tulle and crinoline, creating a dreamy and voluminous silhouette.
symphony of comfort
The Iliana gown's tactile luxury, flattering stretch, and expertly tailored pleating create an aura of timeless chic that transcends trends.
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